Lumen Property Management is a full-service property management company with an established presence in multiple US markets.

Lumen was built to leverage the immense operating infrastructure and expertise of its parent company, Pangea Properties, to provide a full range of property management services.

Lumen Property Management clients receive the same diligent services and care that Pangea provides to its own 13,000 unit multi-family portfolio.

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Our best-in-class property management provides scalable expertise.


  • Scale keeps 3rd party spend to a minimum
  • Centralized communication, storage centers, runners, and bulk ordering
  • Continuous improvement and training programs


  • Considerable value-add experience having transitioned over 500 properties
  • Proprietary workforce housing model fueled by portfolio performance
  • Fully integrated operation from lead to lease


  • In-house legal professionals utilized to minimize outside fees
  • Direct access to ledgers, leases, and resident history
  • Experts in navigating highly litigious municipalities


  • Analytical marketing approach using technology to target leads
  • Centrally managed call center taking 10K calls/week with 90% answer rate
  • Four marketing professionals to optimize leasing velocity and limit costs


We are committed to delivering all of our clients best-in-class property management services.

With benefits like a 24/7 emergency hotline, dedicated on-site staff, an average community size of 250 units, a centralized call center which ensures a uniform and consistent experience, layers of quality assurance, and an effective marketing/lead strategy, Lumen Property Management has the experience to get the job done.